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Talking to your partner about money can be difficult no matter what your financial position is.

Money is a taboo topic in our society, so when you finally try to discuss it with your partner it can bring up a whole host of emotions that neither of you are prepared for.

This can easily lead to stress, disagreements and fights, and you might start to avoid talking about it altogether. But how do you manage your money if you can’t even talk about it?

When can issues appear?

These kinds of issues can come up at any point in a relationship: when you’re first dating, when you decide to move in together, when you want to have kids or buy a house, when you retire and even if you decide to separate.

Attitudes towards money

People’s attitudes toward money are heavily influenced by their experiences growing up, their background and the social expectations of our society.

This can mean you and your partner have completely different approaches to money and adds a whole set of different dynamics and pressures to your relationship. No wonder talking about your finances can be tricky.

Managing your money

A lot of couples don’t share the same attitudes and ideas about money and manage their money in different ways. Exploring these differences can help you and your partner understand your approaches to money and the different emotions money may bring up for you.

Hopefully this will help you and your partner talk about your finances in a healthier way, without the disagreements.


When is the first time you would talk about money with your partner?

  • 378 0 At the start of the relationship
  • 132 0 If there’s a problem
  • 60 0 I don’t think I would
  • 290 0 When a shared financial decision needs to be made


The earlier you start talking to your partner about money the easier it's going to get. For more info about having these conversations check out our tips on talking about money with your partner.

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