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Here are some common issues that couples experience when it comes to money.

Feeling guilty

Some people who earn less than their partner feel guilty for not earning as much, or for buying themselves things because they weren't the one who made the money in the first place.


The partner who earns the majority of the household income may also feel resentment towards their partner. If the partner who earns less spends money on non-essential things, the other partner might feel taken advantage of.

Power struggles

In relationships money can sometimes feed into power dynamics where the person who makes more money feels like they have more decision-making power. And then that person feels entitled to make all of the decisions about large purchases and investments.

Lying about money

There are several reasons couples might lie to each other about money, or want to hide their spending habits. If one partner is spending more than their fair share of the income, they might cover up the secret to avoid conflict.

Unequal positions in relation to assets

If assets such as property are only in one partner’s name, the other partner might feel insecure, like their partner doesn’t want to commit or like they’re less equal in the relationship.


Have you ever experienced any of these issues in your relationship?

  • 276 0 feeling guilty
  • 106 0 resentment
  • 68 0 lying
  • 115 0 power struggles
  • 91 0 none of these


These are all common issues for couples trying to manage their money, check out our talking about money section to find out how to avoid them and have healthier financial conversations.

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